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Jack and the Beanstalk (by tlc Creative)
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We performed our Pantomime last week to three packed houses.It was so very successful. The audience joined in right from the start with hisses & boos for Poison Ivy & lots participation throughout the show. The whole cast loved the script & the jokes as well as the songs, this was then reflected on the audience. We have had some wonderful reviews from at least three local papers. we will certainly use your scripts again . A big thank you.
[Feedback posted on 8 December, 2007]
I have just finished doing the pantomime, jack and the beanstalk by TLC Creative, and am writing to thank you for all your help and support. I really enjoyed directing this pantomime, and it was a huge success for our company.
[Feedback posted on 26 January, 2006]
This is a brilliant script which not only made our committe laugh when reading it (no mean feat), but kept the cast laughing during rehearsals and the audience laughing for the last 5 nights. Keep up the good work!
[Feedback posted on 26 February, 2006]
We absolutely loved performing Jack and the Beanstalk. One of the most enjoyable shows that the production team has been involved with to date. At every rehearsal and performance, the directors were rolling in the aisles, even if the cast didn't quite get the jokes! We performed the show with a youth cast, and the show worked perfectly - the audience loved it. Even after seeing it for the umpteenth time, there was always something new to laugh at. It was easy to produce a set and costumes for, and the public loves the well known stories. Keep the scripts coming boys, can't wait to do another TLC show in the future!
[Feedback posted on 13 April, 2007]
We have just finished a great week performing this panto and got excellent reviews in the local press, in fact this has been one of our best yet.This has been our second tlc creative panto and the scripts just seem to suit our cast and audience perfectly.
[Feedback posted on 16 January, 2011]
We had a fantastic time performing this script - the characters are superb. Our cast ranged from 11 - 20 year olds, and everyone agrees that this is one of our favourite productions ever. We ended up doing the Giant as an offstage character - mainly because I could not find a costume that I felt did the part justice, but several people in the audience commented that this method was very effective, as we pre-recorded a 'booming' voice! Very many thanks - already perusing scripts for next year!
[Feedback posted on 23 January, 2010]
Thoroughly enjoyed doing this script. Good strong story line which sticks to the original, but with plenty of fun.Easy to stage, even with our very limited facilities. Excellent range of songs with clever words that advanced the story and weren't just 'fillers'. Backing track cd very useful,though pitch was difficult in several songs. We only added one song (about the price of milk!) and some verses to the audience song,and although it romped along,the running time was more like 2h 40m than the suggested 2h 10m. Thanks tlc, we'll certainly look for your scripts again.
[Feedback posted on 23 December, 2015]
We finished the run of this show last night and I have to say the Pantomime was a huge success! The script really went down well with the audiences who loved the silly jokes, groaned and laughed in all the right places. What I loved was each character stood out for who they are, they each had funny lines and the opportunity to send themselves up. We used our own music except for the Audience Participation song which was perfect, we also used it for the kids to warm up at each rehearsal! The length of show was 2.5 hours with a 20 minute interval. Perfect length to keep the audience engaged throughout. Thank you to the writers for creating a Pantomime that is traditional but still relevant and up to date.
[Feedback posted on 18 February, 2018]