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Yo Ho Ho! (A Pirate Christmas) (by Sue Gordon)
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My Drama School has just performed this Script in the Guernsey One-Act Play Festival and I thought I'd let you know that it went down a storm with the audience and adjudicator alike. Right from the start the audience was with the kids getting a round of applause for the set and it just continued from there. The children have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing the play so much and the songs included have ben perfect for them to learn without too much trouble. Will let you know next week if we are lucky enough to win any awards. Thank you for a wonderful fun script. Best Wishes. Shaun.
Subsequent Editor's note: The performance won the GADOC Jubilee Trophy plus an individualperformer's award.
[Feedback posted on 22 May, 2009]
Thank you for the script, just to let you know, under your props requirements list you need to add Treasure Chest with cleaning materials Jolly Roger flag Barrel (of detergent)
[Feedback posted on 26 September, 2014]