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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (by Stuart Ardern)
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We are having great fun with your panto and will certainly send you some photos. Some of the costumes are amazing! So full of admiration for the lovely music and a script which is still making us laugh.....
[Feedback posted on 11 January, 2002]
... I thought it was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
[Feedback posted on 13 December, 2004]
A very clever and well-written script. Dont be put off by the length. The story has some brilliant features, it's slick, great fun and allowed us to show some great performances. It's a large cast production and gives an excellant opportunity for everyone including the children/teanagers to play the dwarf parts. The pantomime follows a traditional yet slightly different story that keeps the audience interested. Think outside the box when casting. It's not full of slapstick but has just enough to make it work. The more you can do visually the better it will add to the fun. We had 16 kids dressed as animals. Our princes were a knight, a vampire and james bond! The only disapointing thing was that the dwarfs do not apprear until the second act. I added them in for a couple of mini appearences. It's not a script you can just turn up and put on, it will take a lot of work and directorial creativity, however its one of the best pantomimes we have done and I would highly recomend this script.
[Feedback posted on 1 January, 2009]