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Jack and his Amazing Multi-Coloured Beanstalk (by Geoff Bamber)
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Wonderful script - could be done equally well by adults!! Thank you for hours of entertainment during rehearsals and a successful show - and the children loved it too!
[Feedback posted on 9 June, 2005]
My 5th and 6th grade students had a wonderful time with this script! We performed it for the 3-5 year olds, primary students, and parents. Each audience laughed hysterically - Mr. Bamber is gifted.
[Feedback posted on 21 September, 2006]
You can be assured that Mr Bamber has created a school full of pantomime addicts x The year 6 performance was deemed better than the professional one in the local theatre and the yearly tradition has now been firmly established. Thanks so very much.
[Feedback posted on 5 January, 2011]