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Butterfly Shoes (by Geoff Bamber)
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The kids loved this play. The parts are not overwhelming to memorize and there's lots of opportunity for character development. For the ending, all exit the stage on Zantia's party line, except Darius. As Narrator comments on his not living happily ever after, Ryona storms on stage, grabs Darius by the arm and drags him off stage. The audience howled.
[Feedback posted on 4 July, 2006]
Wow, what a fun time full of laughs. After working on it for 2 months through all the practices I still found myself laughing during the actual performance. We should have had more than just one performance, we left the whole community wanting another chance to come and see it for a second time. Thank you Geoff Bamber
[Feedback posted on 25 May, 2011]