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Work in Progress (by Damian Trasler)
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This is a wonderful work-- witty, neat and with clear rhythm. It can be adapted according to the director's understanding and perspective, making it suitable for the audiences. I bought this script to perform last year, and have won a big prize in a school contest. Simply fabulous, Mr. Trasler!
[Feedback posted on 13 December, 2007]
This script was a blast to work with - Mr. Trasler did a wonderful job with this script. It was witty and original and provoked interest in an era which most people associate only with World War II but a play of this nature was a fresh idea. (For this project, we were told to eliminate all previous stage directions and notes. This was mainly because the teacher wanted to see if we could produce a show from just a script and some actors.) I would use Lazy Bee again in a heart beat.
[Feedback posted on 25 January, 2006]