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Blind Date, Inc. (by Gerald P. Murphy)
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It went over so well. The audience thought it was hysterical. Two of my students directed it. At the end of the year we always have student directed one-acts. They did such a good job with characterizations and costuming. One of the actresses says 'I played Theresa, it was by far my favorite date in the whole script. My particular scene got such good feed-back, the guy we had play Bill was just perfect for the part.'
[Feedback posted on 1 June, 2011]
Mr. Murphy, My students truly enjoy this play. One of them actually had a thought (Apparently heavily influenced by tv ads) of having a spokesman say an advertisement almost for "Blind Date Inc" (Like Neal Clark Warren of Eharmony fame) What are your thoughts on this idea? Mr Humphreys (7-12th grade English/Drama teacher)
[Feedback posted on 8 November, 2016]