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Death in Character (by Stuart Ardern)
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Thank you for your script of Death in Character - the night was a complete success and everybody was really pleased with the performance. We even got standing applause - once again a big thank you from all the cast.
[Feedback posted on 7 July, 2003]
The murder mystery was a great success and good fun!....and went very well and we had a great time!
[Feedback posted on 24 February, 2004]
Have just completed our performances of Death in character to rave reviews from our fans! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the story and with so many ?red herrings? lots of people guessed the culprit incorrectly! We turned the evening into a supper evening with a ploughmans in between act 1 and act 2 then dessert at the end for everyone to ?meet the cast?. All our audience are looking forward to us doing something similar in the future! Thanks a gain for a great script!
[Feedback posted on 27 May, 2006]