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Snow White and the Other Seven Dwarves (by Sarah Cowan)
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Fabulous script - music choices good although some hard tocome by! Cast a confident Elvis who will do the voice and all of the moves - he got lots of laughs. Make sure a teacher plays Fairy White and they have an awful costume - hilarious. We were told it was the best Drama productions many of the teachers and parents had seen.
[Feedback posted on 5 September, 2005]
We performed this play as an end-of-KS2 leavers' play in 2006. Based on the X-Factor, the children loved it and really got involved. It was just about right for their age group and full of modern, catchy musical suggestions. The play went down a storm with parents and children alike and everyone said that it was the best play they'd seen for ages. It was great fun and I'm sure the children will remember it for years to come.
[Feedback posted on 17 May, 2008]