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H for Halloween (by Olivia Arieti)
Hack (by Andy Haynes)
Hair of the Dog (by Molly McCluskey)
Halloween in the Lighthouse (by Olivia Arieti)
Halloween Party Time (by Olivia Arieti)
Hamelin Rats - The Musical (by Gerald P. Murphy)
Hamlet - What Was The Question? (by Geoff Bamber)
Hamlet auf Deutsch (by Nicholas Richards)
Hamlet the Musical (by Gerald P. Murphy)
The Handfast (by Louise Wade)
Handstands For You (by Adam Exton)
The Hang-Up (by Helen Gent)
Hannah the Horrible (by Gerald P. Murphy)
Hannay Stands Fast! (by David Edgar)
Hans and Gretel (by Paul John Matthews)
Hansel and Gretel (by Sally Gander)
Hansel and Gretel - A Short Musical (by Gerald P. Murphy)
Hansel and Gretel [Short Play] (by Geoff Bamber)
Hansel and Gretel [Verse] (by Peter Bond)
Hansel and Gretel [Version 2] (by James O'Sullivan)

Scripts 1 to 20 of 124
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