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Find the right sketch, skit or short play script for your group
The boundaries between sketches, skits and ten-minute plays is a little vague.  (I think that sketches are generally short and humorous, whereas plays tend to have more plot and/or character development.  Skits should contain an element of parody.  That's just my opinion!  You can make up your own mind!)
We have lots of scripts in all three categories, so we offer lots of ways to find the right scripts for you.  All the scripts can be read in full on the Internet.  Click on any of the underlined text to see descriptions of the works in your chosen category (from where you will find links to the on-line text)...
See the Full List of Sketches, Skits and Short Plays Search for a Script  to suit your group
  Browse through descriptions of all our short scripts, divided into prose scripts and verse plays and sorted alphabetically by title.
Note that the scripts from these pages are the ones that we think are suitable for performance by adult groups.  For scripts for youth theatre groups, see our kids' play scripts pages.
  The Sketches and Short Plays search engine allows you to select a script by number of characters, run-time, age of participants, and lots more!  (This is a sub-set of our full search engine.  Use the full script search engine if you want more search parameters, such as the ability to search by author and theme.)
Sketches, Skits and Short Plays Sorted by Run-Time
Drama running for 5 minutes or less Note and Disclaimer:  We base our estimates of run-times on word-count.  Actual times will vary considerably, according to the slickness of production and the amount of stage business.
Our nominal definition of this category is a run time of under 20 minutes.  Scripts lasting exactly 20 minutes (by our estimate) are included for completeness.
5 to 10-minute drama scripts
10 to 19-minute play scripts
20-minute play scripts
Short Plays by Numbers...
Monologues - 1 Female Actor Monologues - 1 Male Actor
Short scripts - 1F, 1M Short scripts - 1M, 1F
Short scripts - 2F Short scripts - 2M
Short scripts - 2F, 1M Short scripts - 2M, 1F
Short scripts - 2F, 2M Short scripts - 2M 2F
Short scripts - 3F Short scripts - 3M
Short scripts - 3F, 1M Short scripts - 3M, 1F
Short scripts - 3F, 2M Short scripts - 3M, 2F
Short scripts - 3F, 3M Short scripts - 3M, 3F
Short scripts - 4F Short scripts - 4M
Short scripts - 4F, 1M Short scripts - 4M, 1F
Short scripts - 4F, 2M Short scripts - 4M, 2F
Short scripts - 4F, 3M Short scripts - 4M, 3F
Short scripts - 4F, 4M Short scripts - 4M, 4F
Short scripts - 5F Short scripts - 5M
Short scripts - 5F, 1M Short scripts - 5M, 1F
Short scripts - 5F, 2M Short scripts - 5M, 2F
Short scripts - 5F, 3M Short scripts - 5M, 3F
Short scripts - 5F, 4M Short scripts - 5M, 4F
Short scripts - 5F, 5M Short scripts - 5M, 5F
Short drama for more than 5 women Short drama for more than 5 men

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