How do I find the word count of my script?
Microsoft Word:-
Word will give a word count for a selected section of text. 
To get a word count for the whole document, either select the whole document (using Ctrl-A) or select nothing!
In recent versions of word, the word count appears in the bottom left hand corner of the window.
In older versions, from the menus, [Tools] [WordCount...] will tell you the count (and a bit more besides).
Open Office
Open Office works in a similar way to (older versions of) Word.
Other Word Processors:-
We don't know everything.  You'll have to get help from somewhere else.  Try the word processor's Help system or manual!
What should be included in the word count?
We will review everything in the document that you send to us for appraisal.  The cost depends on the number of words.  The word count should therefore include everything in the document.
(If you don't want us to review it, don't include it in the document.  On the other hand, you should include in the document sufficient material for a coherent script, therefore don't cut out character lists and stage directions to save word count!)
Isn't the number of pages enough?
Page count depends on line spacing, average line length, font size, and page margins, amongst other things.  Word count is the best guide to the amount of work we will need to do (and, incidentally, also the best guide to the running time of a script - 10 000 words on the page will run to about an hour on the stage.)