What's A Reading List?

A reading list is a set of search results which you can customise by adding and rejecting scripts.
It is stored for you, so that you can return to the list and explore the scripts (adding or rejecting as you go).
You can also share the list with other people (either just as a reading list, or giving them the rights to add and reject scripts).

Creating A Reading List

You can either
- Create a list from any script search results page or
- Create a list from the Reading List page of the Customer menu

Creating a Reading List from search results
Click on the "Create Reading List" button at the top of the search results page.
You will be prompted to create a name for your list and to create two keys (like passwords), one for changing the list, the other for viewing only.
(The second key only matters if you want to share the list with someone else.)
The system will create a new reading list from your current search. (The search page will look the same except that it will have the Reading List number in the title bar, and each script listed in the search will display a button giving the option to remove that script from your reading list.)

Creating a Reading List via the Customer Menu
Click on the "Create New List" button on the Reading List page.
Again, you will be prompted to create a name and list keys.
This creates an empty list, so the next stage will be to browse or search for scripts.
From each set of search results, you will be prompted to add the whole search set and from each script in the results list, you will have the option to add the individual script to your Reading List (see below).

Adding Scripts to a Reading List

Once you have created a reading list, you can add to it at any time.
Use any of the browse or search functions until you get to a search results page (that gives you titles and overviews of scripts).
At the top of that page, there is a button which will allow you to add the whole set of search results to your Reading List.
Alternatively, you can add individual scripts by clicking the Add to Reading List buttons on the results page or on the individual script pages.

Looking at a Reading List

You can find your list from the Customer menu.
Select "Reading Lists" from the menu, then "Display Current List" from the Reading Lists Page.

When you display a list, if you have "Change" access, you will be able to remove scripts from the list (you'll see a button for that for each script).

Sharing A Reading List

You can share your list with your friends and colleagues.
To share a list, you need to tell people the list number and one of the two keys.
They will need to go via the Customer menu to the Reading Lists page and enter that information.
If you give them the "Change" key, they will be able to add and remove scripts from the list.
(So if you want to keep control of what's on the list, just give your colleagues the "View" key.)


Reading lists don't last forever!
If there's been no activity with a list for three months, then we will delete it from our system (to make room for more).