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Professional Tips for the Amateur Stage by Richard James Professional Tips for the Amateur Stage
Richard James knows the stage as an actor, as a director and as a playwright.
Here he brings his wisdom and experience to bear with practical tips for actors and directors.
The directors tips go from page to stage - from choosing a play and choosing a cast right through the rehearsal process.
For the actor, the journey goes from auditions to opening night, including sections on stagecraft, rehearsals and approach to the text.

The booklet is offered as a download in ePub format (suitable for most e-book readers) and pdf (which can be read on everything else!) for just 6.50.

About the Author:
Richard James  is an actor, trained at the Bristol Old Vic theatre school, most well known for his numerous television appearances in such shows as 'Mysti', ‘Jinx’ and 'My Parents Are Aliens' and films including (perhaps appropriately) 'A Bunch of Amateurs'. He also played series regular, Officer Orrin, in Gerry Anderson’s 90s science fiction cop series, ‘Space Precinct’. On stage, Richard has toured the UK in a theatre production of the cult tv show, 'Thunderbirds', as well as playing parts at the Derby Playhouse, Stoke's New Vic Theatre and the title role in his own play, 'The Mystery of Sherlock Holmes', at the Swan Theatre, Wycombe.

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Also available as a paper copy here.  
Writing a Play for the Amateur Stage Writing a Play for the Amateur Stage
Whether you are an experienced writer, or are just starting out on the path to write a script for the amateur stage, then this booklet is an invaluable resource!
Packed with advice and handy tips, it provides you with many of the essential sign posts you will need to guide you through the process of converting your ideas to a finished, working play that could be performed on stage.
The booklet is provided as a 48-page A4 PDF download (or as a PDF in US Letter format) for just 6.50.

Chapters include:
  • Why Write Plays?
  • Common Mistakes
  • Story Ideas
  • Short Play Formats
  • Pantomimes
  • Full Length Plays
  • Will It Work on Stage?
  • Reaching the Market
  • Script Formats
  • Copyright
About the Author:
Damian Trasler has written a wide range of pantomimes, one act plays, short plays and sketches which have been performed by hundreds of amateur theatre companies in dozens of countries and many have won awards.
Part of the writing partnership, TLC Creative, many of his titles are published here on Lazy Bee Scripts.
Damian also reviews scripts submitted to Lazy Bee Scripts for publication or submitted to the Lazy Bee Script Appraisal Service.

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Beginnings - starter scripts for improvisation Beginnings

A set of 20 short scripts,
intended to be the starting points for improvisation.

Perfect for use in schools and youth theatre workshops.
Intended for 11- to 16-year-olds 
(English schools key stages 3 &4)

Downloadable as a pdf file.

Take a look at a sample, then

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A Little Local Difficulty - an eBook by Geoff Bamber A Little Local Difficulty, an hysterical historical novel by Geoff Bamber

Along with the rest of Czechoslovakia, the small town of Krupka has been over-run by the Third Reich.
Not only that, but the town's mayor has disappeared. 
What the people need is a well-respected and eminent citizen; well-known, well-liked. 
They need someone who is honest, hard working and, with an occupying power to deal with, diplomatic. 
What they've got is Marek Poljovka, the schoolteacher.
Marek has come to realise that his great disadvantage was being available. 
And possibly expendable - after all, the war isn't going well...

A Little Local difficulty is available in the ePub format (which works on most e-book readers) and as a PDF file
(for those e-book readers that can't cope with ePub).  Read the first chapter free in PDF then
buy a copy - it's really funny.

Audio Books (MP3s or on CD)
Andy's Android - an audio book by Richard James Andy's Android, an audiobook adventure for kids by Richard James

Actor & playwright, Richard James, is well known to children through his work on such tv series as
'Sir Gadabout', 'My Parents Are Aliens', 'Jinx' and, most notably, as Mr K in 'The Mysti Show'.
Now, he narrates his own children's audio adventure, 'Andy's Android'.
Andrew Miles has built a replica android to send to school in his place,
but he reckoned without the attentions of Mr Hest who has different plans for Andrew's creation.
Plans that include nothing less than world domination!
With a cast of lovable characters and exciting action sequences,
'Andy's Android' will delight and entertain any audience between the ages of nine and twelve.

Available on CD or downloadable as a zipped file containing 4 large MP3 files. 
Listen to the first chapter free (as a 25MB MP3 file),  then buy a copy!

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