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'Four & Twenty Advertisements, The Third and Youngest' by TLC Creative &

Four & Twenty Advertisements, The Third and Youngest by TLC Creative &
Four & Twenty Advertisements, The Third and Youngest
(therefore guaranteed to complete the quest - check any folk tale)
by TLC Creative &
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the theatre foyer, we bring you a third compilation of silly adverts for Fairytale and pantomime services and products. This audio CD holds a total of 17 spoof ‘radio’ adverts and 7 ‘tongue in cheek’ announcements to your audience!
Tracks include:
  • Dragons Den – Pitch your business ideas to the Dragons.
  • Dame Aid – Give all you can to help destitute Dames.
  • iGlass – The latest innovation from Poisoned Apple.
  • Sorcerers Apprentice – Who’ll be hired?
  • We buy any – The website for bovine sales.
  • Harry Wizard – A magical movie coming soon.
  • Magic Mirrors – Buy one and get one free.
  • Happy Ever After – A Grimm Bothers Finance insurance scheme.
  • Percinnamon Construction – Gingerbread houses.
  • Strictly Come Lancing – The contest for B list celebrity Knights.
  • Leprechaun bank – The bank at the end of the rainbow.
  • Golden Hair – how to solve that ‘how to climb a tower’ problem.
  • Oil of Oily – Cosmetics by Ponds.
  • Pantomime Animal Hospital – Caring for poorly panto pets.
  • Cash for Golden Eggs – Get hard cash fast.
  • Which Witch – How to choose the best crone.
  • Fry Hard – A Cop thriller.
Foyer / Audience Announcements
  • Welcome to the show
  • No phones or cameras
  • Five minutes to curtain up
  • Three minutes to curtain up
  • Short Interval: Refreshments available
  • A very Short Interval
  • Short Interval: Please come back
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