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Collections of Play Scripts. Each play in the collection can be read in full online.
Copies of the scripts and performance licences are available from Lazy Bee Scripts

All the scripts in these collections can be read in full on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site. (Click on the links to see the complete online scripts.) However, all the scripts on this site are copyrighted. They may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. Click here for details of the script prices and licensing arrangements.

What are 'Play Script Collections'?
Generally, we are talking about sets of short plays or sketches, usually with an overarching theme. Some of these are designed to be performed together in a sketch show (a revue) - see, for example 'Acting Funny' or 'Skitskrieg'. Others (particularly the collections of longer shows) might be performed separately, possibly forming a cycle of plays - for example, Varadachary's Annotated Chess Masterpieces!
Anyway, regardless of these categories, one of the main points of a collection is that
You get a discount!
Buying the collection will be cheaper than buying each of the plays separately (this makes a sketch show a much better economic proposition).
What's Available?
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Collections by agegroup
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