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Bob Heather
Bob Heather - pantomime writer
Bob as Billy Goose in 1990
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

Bob (pictured above, with production posters from some of his shows) first appeared on stage in his school production of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' then didn't act again until he joined his local am-dram some 30-odd years later, although he was an entertainer for some years in the meantime. (He was an entertainments manager at a couple of holiday camps and he has compared many shows and pop concerts in the UK and a few in Denmark). His first foray back on stage in later life was playing Billy Goose in the local pantomime of Mother Goose (pictured above).
After helping and appearing in other pantomimes, some of them with dire scripts, it got to the stage where he thought 'I could do better than this' and he set to writing his own scripts, and a few with other writers (Cheryl Barrett, Stuart Ardern and Roger Lamb).

His pantomimes have been performed all over the UK, as well as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a few in other places outside the normal sphere of British Pantomime, including Ireland, Morocco, Spain, and France.
As well as his scripts, Bob also writes show reviews and articles for several stage magazines. Bob is the joint pantomime editor for Sardines Magazine, and also gives pantomime talks and runs panto workshops all over the country. He has a few pantomime props that he hires out including a pantomime horse, pantomime cow, pantomime snake, Gorilla, Tiger, Bear, The Three Bears and a beanstalk etc. These can be found via his web-page at Dublar.

Bob is also the co-author of two published books aimed at the pantomime writer, "The Pantomime Writers Book Of Gags And Routines", and "More Gags And Routines For Pantomime Writers". He is hoping to write a third book on the genre very soon.

As well as pantomimes, Bob has also written a full-length comedy play (Surprise Me Darling), A dramatic sketch (Late Again) and a short 'almost' historical comedy play for schools and youth societies (Princess Bigfoot). He has just finished his first Jack Case detective novel, "Grappling With Shadows", soon to be available on Kindle.

Bob lives in Romsey, a stone's throw from the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire.

Bottom photo (by Clair Whitaker)
Bob and Cheryl delivered a Pantomime Workshop for the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain (LTG), among their students was past LTG patron Sir Ian McKellen.
Pantomime (by Bob Heather & Roger Lamb)
Babes in the Wood [Version 2]Mother GooseRobinson Crusoe [Version 2]
Pantomime (by Bob Heather)
Aladdin [Version 2]Jack and the Beanstalk [Version 2]Puss in Boots [Version 6]
Dick Whittington [Version 2]The Pied Piper 
Pantomime (by Peter Bond & Bob Heather)
 The King's New Clothes 
Pantomime (by Stuart Ardern & Bob Heather)
Pantomime (by Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett)
Cinderella [Version 11]Old King Cole [Version 2]Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Version 4]
Humpty DumptyRobin HoodTreasure Island [Version 3]
Jack and Jill The PantomimeSheer Luck Holmes 
Merlin - The PantomimeSleeping Beauty [Version 6] 
Pantomime (by Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett)
 Ali Baba [Version 2] 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
 Princess Bigfoot 
Full-Length Plays
 Surprise Me Darling 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 Late Again 
Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett with Sir Ian McKellen

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