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Paul Mathews
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Happiness - A modern, full-length black comedy
Just 48 hours before chic, interior designer Philippa is due to marry awkward academic Christopher, she has to bury her beloved Aunt Susan - the guiding light in her life. With her fiance seemingly more worried about his happiness thesis, the wedding plans seem doomed when news arrives that the best man and chief bridesmaid are laid up in hospital. With Philippa questioning whether marriage will truly make her happy, her larger-than-life Aussie uncle, crazy future sister-in-law and ex-fiance all add to the emotional chaos as the clock ticks towards Philippa and Christopher's big day. Will they, or won't they, find true happiness?
Murder at Peculiar Manor - A One Act Play
The Manor is in mourning, after the death of Lady Peculiar, seemingly of natural causes. But an Inspector arrives and starts asking awkward questions. Where was the French butler last night? What is the maid's secret? Does the cook hold a grudge? Why was the doctor out of town? Who's stealing the gardener's apples? And why was Lady Peculiar's will changed? This bijou, comic murder mystery has been extensively performed by amdram groups around the country and has six great characters.
The Sleuth Slayer - A One Act Play
The world's greatest detectives are invited to solve a murder at Carnage Hall. But no-one there knows anything about it...and then the bodies begin to pile up. The hunt is on to find the killer...before there's no one left to solve the crime! This One Act comedy is a glorious send-up of detective fiction in general, and the country house murder mystery, in particular.
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Murder at Dress RehearsalThe Observer 
Murder at Peculiar ManorThe Sleuth Slayer 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
The Fall GuyFeeding the Ducks 

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