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George Douglas Lee
George Douglas Lee - playwright (amongst other things)
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Only George Lee would start a new theater in a shopping mall that hardly anyone shopped at, with original plays - which few had heard of, by an author (himself) that fewer had read - and sell out night after night. Nevertheless, audiences came from all over the greater Houston area to see 'A Kringle Dingle Christmas', 'Hotel Desolado', 'For The Good of the Family', 'MudBoy and the MessKings', 'The Kid From Jupiter', 'Wolf 'n the Hood', and 'George On Stage' at his Electric Theater in Missouri City, Texas. His plays are now performed all over the world. In 2014, Lee was inducted into the Texas Playwrights Hall of Fame, a recognition of those Texans who have contributed to the development of new plays and playwrights.
Stage and Screen
Lee became interested in writing screenplays and stage plays in the late '80s, joining non-profit Scriptwriters Houston. He acted in plays at Fort Bend Theatre in Sugar Land, Texas. It was on that stage that his first play, 'Frankenstein - The Monster Musical', was produced in 1992. Frankenstein, a musical comedy version of James Whale's immortal 'Bride of Frankenstein', was an unqualified hit, featured on KHOU Channel 11. Houston, Texas, selling out every seat and ultimately held over. This led to the children's musicals 'The Wolf Who Cried Boy' and 'Wolfbane', both written and scored by Lee. His drama 'For the Good of the Family', an in depth look at a family coping with a severely handicapped family member, received a staged reading at Main Street Theater, Houston.
Learning and Teaching
George has a BFA in graphic arts and theatre. He has taught acting for film, commercial and stage. He has acted in numerous plays, films, and commercials. 'Laughing Boy' screenplay also written by Lee has been produced as a movie. It has won numerous awards and is now available on DVD
George Douglas Lee - a multimedia experience!
George Douglas Lee has brought his talents as a playwright, actor, musician and illustrator to the creation of the Monster Musicals CD. The music and stories of Monster Musicals are audio book versions of George's stage plays originally produced at children's theatres in Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Georgia. George is a performing songwriter, radio personality, fine artist and humor columnist. His weekly radio show 'The Electric Theatre Radio Hour', Monster Musical CD, and children's books are all available on line.
Frankenstein - The Monster MusicalThe Wolf Who Cried Boy 
Mudboy and the MesskingsWolfbane! 
Plays With (Optional) Music
 Christmas At Petersburg 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
The RavenWolf 'n the Hood 
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Daddy DearestFor the Good of the FamilyThere's One in Every Show
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The Emperor's New NoseHome Health 
Hole in the WallThe Little Watch Girl 
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