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Peter Bond
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Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
One-Act Plays

Four normal people - one of them dressed as a Fairy and one dressed as a Rabbit - stand on a stage, holding a cardboard cut-out of Queasyjet, as they prepare to fly to the Himalayas to rescue a princess from the dastardly villain and his henchman, the Abominable Snowman. Meanwhile they sing The propellers on the 'plane go round and round. 'Does it worry you, how much power you have?' asks another cast member of The Princess and the Pea.

Word-play. Dreadful puns. Absurdities. Unexpected twists in familiar stories. These are the regular ingredients in a Peter Bond pantomime. A prince seeks his true princess by consulting Tinder. Another prince organises his life according to his fitbit. Soldiers are called How and Why or Here, There and Everywhere, leading to constant confusion. And there is Lord Front-Daw whose name rings a bell.

In a former life Peter Bond taught at a school in Bristol where, for eleven years, he was responsible for the school's link with a Ugandan school. This led to contacts with various charities working in Uganda. Peter donates all his royalties to these charities, notably the Busoga Trust (clean water), Haileybury Youth Trust (school buildings using sustainable resources) and SALVE International (street children).

Peter Bond has nine full-length pantomimes, three half-length and several ten-minute rhyming pantomimes published by Lazy Bees. And the answer to the opening question? No, it doesn't worry him. Surprise, maybe, but not worry.
Pantomime (by Peter Bond & Bob Heather)
 The King's New Clothes 
Pantomime (by Peter Bond)
The Babes in the Wood [Rhyming]Hansel and Gretel [Verse]Rapunzel [Verse]
Beast and BeautyJack and the BeantinRumpelstiltskin [Rhyming]
A Budget CinderellaLittle Red Riding Hood [Verse]Rumpelstiltskin [Version 4]
Cinderella [Version 12]The Magic TinderboxSnow White [Version 5]
Cinderella [Version 3]Mr ScroogeThe Ugly Duckling
Goldilocks and the Three Bears [Rhyme]Old King Cole 
Goldilocks and the Three Bears [Version 2]The Princess and the Pea [Version 2] 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre (by Peter Bond)
Androcles and the LionThe Dancing PrincessesThe Princess and the Frog
BaboushkaThe Elves and the Shoemaker [Verse Play] 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre (by Mark Twain adapted by Peter Bond)
 The Prince and the Pauper 
One-Act Plays
 Christmas at Thompson Hall 

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