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Jonny Ardern
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Jonny Ardern grew up surrounded by music and theatre. Whether rehearsing for the local theatrical society's latest production or playing whatever musical instrument he could get his hands on, it was hard not to find him doing something creative. Even the time he spent trying to master 'Sonic the Hedgehog' had a certain poetry to it.

Jonny first took his steps into writing at the age of six, when he wrote stories about his lego collection. To his disappointment, they were never published, but in hindsight that was probably a good thing. Ten years later he wrote his first full-length musical, Big Shot, about a British tourist who discovers the joys and evils of gambling in Las Vegas. The joy of actually finishing something was overwhelming - as even Sonic the Hedgehog had given him trouble - and he resolved to write more.

In 2005 Jonny moved to the north of England to attend Leeds College of Music. There he wrote the songs for another musical, for which the script never materialised. 'The problem with writing something for academic purposes,' he muses, 'is that it's being guided and restrained by other people's parameters. The key is to start writing for yourself - you'll be surprised how many other people like it as well!'

Since leaving university Jonny has given up saying such pretentious things, preferring to give them to fictional characters to say instead. He recently started writing short stories, has written several more plays, and (at the time of writing) is in the process of drafting his first novel. He currently oscillates between the UK, the USA and YouTube.
Pantomime (by Stuart Ardern (with Jonny Ardern))
 Snow White and the Mini Miners 
Pantomime (by Bill Tordoff)
 Well Well Well 
Musicals (by Jonny Ardern)
 Big Shot 
Musicals (by Bill Siviter with Music by Jonny Ardern)
 Kids in Tights - The Musical 
Plays With (Optional) Music
 The Best in the Book 
One-Act Plays
Recordings - CDs and MP3s (by Stuart Ardern (with Jonny Ardern))
Snow White and the Mini Miners Rehearsal CDSnow White and the Mini Miners Rehearsal MP3s 
Recordings - CDs and MP3s (by Jonny Ardern)
Big Shot Backing CDKids in Tights - The Musical - Rehearsal CD 
Recordings - CDs and MP3s (by Bill Siviter with Music by Jonny Ardern)
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Jonny Ardern - self portrait with paper

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