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David started writing, as a hobby, in his fifties. He was also late commencing his amateur acting career, at age 42. Since then, firstly with St.Chad's Dramatic Society, in Sheffield and, from 2002 Dronfield Players (North Derbyshire) David has performed a range of leading roles and character parts, from Allo Allo to Move over Mrs Markham. He recently starred in Dad's Army as Sergeant Wilson.
Having appeared in a number of One Act Plays, many in the Sadata festival in Sheffield, David thought he would have a bash at writing, and produced "On the Shelf", which was set in the 1970s and was semi-autobiographical. He has now submitted a second play for consideration.
David has also written articles for local publications and has had one short story published. Now that his acting is likely to decrease because of age (he has given up auditioning for middle-age lotharios!)he should be able to devote more time to writing.
Race to the Wheelchair 22/06/14
Just completed two performances of this play, one at Dronfield Civic Centre where the place was well received. We followed two war-themed efforts and the audience saw "Race" as a bit of comic relief. Then on to Sadata One-Act competition in Sheffield, where the adjudicator said that she liked the play and praised the set design. We din't win anything, although the actor playing Rees was commended. More importantly, the adjudicator said that this play was a likely vehicle for a director using some imagination in bringing the story to life.

We were persuaded to enter the Partington One Act Festival in Glossop and did "Race" on the evening of 16th July. It went much better than in Sheffield. Both actors received nominations for Best Actor and Paul Black, who played Rees, scooped the award.The adjudicator liked the play and we received a Certificate of Merit.

A simple set with a few tables each with a different game and the two actors move to each table in turn when the
Hard Feelings 16/07/15
This play was performed three timesin June/July. At Sadata, the adjudicator made some positive comments but, overall, preferred other plays.Gary Jarvis was nominated for best supporting actor in the part of Tom Brown. At the Partington festival in Glossop, the author was commended for the writing but, again, otherwise, the play won nothing, albeit against a very strong field. The author was encouraged, however, that this play is worth performing. Perhaps we would have won more plaudits if the author had not played the lead! The play was also performed at Dronfield Civic where Dronfield Players put on three one-act plays, two of which had been written by members. Many people still remember this play with its unusual idea of letting the deceased attend their own funeral.
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Hard FeelingsOn the ShelfRace To The Wheelchair

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