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Nikki Harmon
Nikki Harmon - a potted history
Nikki Harmon and Sara the giraffe
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Born in New York City, she's third generation in the biz going back to her (Manchester-born) Vaudevillian grandfather and his brother, a piano player on the Mississippi showboats. Nikki's father, was a TV/Film writer and his sister an actress, whilst Nikki's brother made a career as a news cameraman.
Along with her writing she's a stage manager, lighting designer and did a stint as a Hollywood casting director back in the day. Her plays run the gamut from children's theatre to political satires to murderous comedies that are done throughout England, Canada, Australia, and the U.S.

When she's not doing other stuff, she's painting (mostly watercolors) and drawing (pen & inks), and volunteering on Earthwatch projects in all sorts of places - on archaeological digs (fulfilling a childhood wish to be Gertrude Bell - or at least learn to hold a trowel right), at 4th Century BC Chankillo, in Peru, on 13th century Hopi Pueblos in Arizona, and an Early Bronze Age/Late Neolithic site in N.E. Thailand (above left, reconstructing a pot from shards). She has also worked in Kenya with the endangered Grevy's zebras, and on a cheetah rescue farm in Namibia, researched 15-16th century Herbals for the Smithsonian at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma, and illustrated Peruvian katydids for the Smithsonian in D.C. All very cool things.

To get her to where she is now, Nikki studied at the Sorbonne and the Institut Britannique in Paris, the Universitie de Montpellier, and is an alumna of Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh, and pays her dues regularly to Actor's Equity and the Dramatists Guild.
Full-Length Plays
 Kalifa's Amazing Adventures 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 The Price Of A Goat Is Not What It Seems 
In a bold move, Nikki gives the cheetah a head start.
Nikki Harmon at the Cheetah Rescue farm in Namibia. (Lunch is assumed to be off to the right.)

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