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Julia Lee Dean
Working in the Following Genres:
One-Act Plays
Religious or Moral Plays
Limbo One Act Play two versions available
Michael's death was a shock. especially to Michael. To make matters worse, the previous inhabitant of his house never quite left. Stuck together for what promises to be a very long time, Michael and Agatha attempt to work out what life after death actually means.

Note a second version, in which the Agatha character is replaced by a male character, is also available. Please contact LBS directly.
Pilate's Wife One Act Play
The wife of Pontius Pilate, Claudia Procula, has been plagued by nightmares ever since she suffered a miscarriage on the long journey from Rome to Israel. Her husband has turned away from her and is seeking comfort in the arms of an unhappy prostitute. Claudia longs to return to Italy and only the appearance of a young teacher at Passover offers her the chance of peace.
Mirror Image One Act Play
A young actor on the verge of career success, receives a visit from a strange and lonely old man who seems to know rather too much about his past, and his future.
And I Shall Be Healed Novel
"They are ordinary men, Mr Ellis, ordinary men with ordinary vices. They don't become more than men because they may be required to sacrifice their lives for us."

And I Shall Be Healed follows the experiences of a young army chaplain 1916-17, both at home in West Sussex and with the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front. Haunted by an unhappy upbringing and a mistake for which he cannot forgive himself, he struggles to put the past behind him and support the men he has been called to serve.
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One-Act Plays
LimboMirror Image 
Religious or Moral Plays
 Pilate's Wife 

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