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'Toys in Pieces' will be performed at Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, UK as part of a one-act festival on April 7th 2018.
Why he writes
Philip is a well-known theatre, television and radio actor who has appeared in countless productions over the last thirty years. He is also a parent. He started writing plays for children when his wife, a Drama teacher, was looking for something for her class of Juniors to put on.
She wanted something that would involve everyone, that would give opportunities for every child to make her or his own contribution to the play, whether acting, singing, playing or dancing. That is why he calls his plays 'ensemble' - everyone is involved from start to finish.
The plays can be performed equally on an open stage or with scenery. Little in the way of props and furniture are required.
What he writes
Philip's plays have been entered for Festivals and performed all over the English-speaking world.
'Toys in Pieces (The T.I.P.)' is an adventure story about a well-loved but slightly battered teddy bear and
his friends' mission to rescue him from a terrible fate at the Tip.
(For countries where the Dump is the usual word for where things get thrown away, Philip has written a short insert.)
'In The Lap Of The Gods' is a staging of a series of myths, some less well-known, set on a Greek island where a group of children are shipwrecked.
'The Ratbusters of Hamelin' is a re-telling of the Pied Piper story, but because the original tale has only a few characters, Philip has created an ensemble version for a whole class to perform.
'Looking For The Rainbow' is an adventure story about two villages. In one village the children have to work all day underground in the mines, and in the other they spend the days playing in the sun. A jewelled necklace unexpectedly brings

 The Ratbusters of Hamelin 
Plays With (Optional) Music
In the Lap of the GodsLooking for the RainbowToys in Pieces - The T I P
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