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Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

Rob and Tina Burbidge live in England with a house filled with two children and their toys. The loft, shed and garage, on the other hand, are filled with costumes, props, scripts, technical equipment and souvenirs, accumulated through nearly twenty years of acting, directing and producing all kinds of musicals and pantomimes. When a local drama group asked for a new pantomime, they stepped up to the mark with "Little Red Riding Hood", the first of a series of pantos subsequently published by Lazy Bee Scripts.

They work together as any married couple does, with just a little nagging on both sides. Tina takes care of character and plot and Rob writes groan-inducing jokes and parody lyrics. They both feel that a panto works best when it gets back to basics - a dame, a principal boy, a ghost scene or two, and lots of audience participation.

But not just panto ...
Rob also has a couple of one-act plays and sketches, based loosely around the works of O. Henry, which are designed for festival and competition productions.
It's all about appearances ...
Sorry, no pictures! To keep disappointment to a minimum, please envisage the movie stars of your choice. If it helps, Rob is very tall, and Tina isn't, so you can eliminate Tom Cruise and Uma Thurman.
Aladdin [Version 8]Little Red Riding HoodThe Sword in the Stone
Bah Humbug!The Pied Piper of Hamelin [Version 3]Treasure Island
The Jungle BookThe Snow Queen [Version 2] 
One-Act Plays
Port and StarboardTricksilver 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 Tommy's Burglar 

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