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Georgina Cawood
Georgina Cawood - playwright
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Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre

Georgina has always been a scribbler, but never thought of having anything published. Her writing career has come about almost by accident. She works as a teaching assistant for a small secondary school (not a mainstream school, but a pupil referral unit, mainly for school-girl mothers and school-phobic children).

Georgina was working with Rachel, the English/Drama teacher who wanted to put on a school pantomime. Rashly Georgina said that she would like to help write it and the next thing she knew, she had written it and it was performed. So what happened next? 'On the strength of the pantomime, someone suggested a melodrama for the summer term might be a good idea and so, after some investigation about what exactly a melodrama entailed, I went ahead and wrote one.' The result was 'Stoneybroke Hall or The Time Machine' a modern interpretation of Victorian Melodrama, published by Lazy Bee Scripts.

'I have found to my surprise that I enjoy writing these kind of plays,' says Georgina, 'and am looking forward to writing my next one.'
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
 Stoneybroke Hall 

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