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Herb Hasler
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Herb had his first experience writing for the stage in high school with a group of other Monty Python wannabes writing and performing sketches for their school's 'talent' shows. The writing bug didn't bite again for almost twenty years when he took some creative writing classes and wrote the crime novel, 'Instant Justice.' Shortly after that, he and his wife became involved in a local community theater, he helping backstage and her acting. Watching his wife's wonderful performances inspired him to start writing full-length plays. All of his scripts are comedies with a focus on colorful characters and surprising plot twists. His plays have been used in over twenty countries.

Herb was born and raised in Canada where he received a bachelor's degree in computer science. He then spent five years working in Austria and now lives in Illinois with his wife, Avis. They have three grown children, four quickly growing grandchildren, two dogs, two cats and a fish named Frankenstein. Herb's ancestry leads to the Great Waltham area in England on his father's side and Tipperary, Ireland on his mother's side.
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Don't You Get It?Full Circle 
First Day In Drama ClassKetchup 
Full-Length Plays (by Herb Hasler)
A Haunted HauntingPostal 
Last SéanceWild Ride 
Full-Length Plays (by Avis & Herb Hasler)
 Customer Service 
One-Act Plays (by Herb Hasler)
Fork In The RoadPostal 
One-Act Plays (by Avis & Herb Hasler)
 Customer Service 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
The AccidentArt's GalleryTriple Negative
AdoptionTraffic StopTumor
Avis and Herb Hasler

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