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Keith Badham
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

Keith is a writer, Director and a performer based in Bedfordshire. He was born in Barnet in 1966, apparently giving England two major landmark events to celebrate that year. Keith runs his own theatre company in Bedfordshire, which works predominantly with young people. Keith had his first script ‘Urban Hymns’ published by Lazy Bee in 2010, and has been writing consistently since then. The scripts tend to be workshopped with Keith’s own theatre company, ‘Up-Stage’ based in Bedfordshire. His plays have gone on to be performed all over the world in School exam productions, One Act play festivals, and just for the sheer joy of performance!

Most of Keith’s plays are aimed at large groups of young people for ensemble work, but more recently he has written some smaller cast work as well. He regularly writes for his own theatre group, but is also regularly asked to write for School productions and Pantomimes. Keith is currently working on a Novel. He hopes that the sheer torture that he has experienced in doing so will be worth it. He is married to Kirsty and has two daughters, Chloe and Milly.
Keith's hobbies include 'Being frustrated at Tottenham Hotspur F.C.', reading, writing and 'procrastination via the many and varied social media distractions now available'.

Keith regularly get commission work, and would be happy to discuss any potential projects with you.
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Opening DoorsScrew Your CourageUrban Hymns
Rings Around The WorldStop the Clocks 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

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