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Jim Pinnock
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One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Currently, Jim lives and works in Queensland. His first novel 'Sparrows with Vertigo' was published in 2011. This was followed in 2014 by 'The Stepney List.' He has been involved in amateur dramatics for many years. This has included everything from acting and directing to scenery painting and sweeping up.
He says - 'My most challenging role was in Antony & Cleopatra playing the part of Proculeius, in Cyprus at Shakespeare at Curium.'

Some of Jim’s work for theatre, available from Lazy Bee Scripts, has been born out of personal experience-
‘The Exit Poll’ reflects his personal experience in local politics – but with tongue-in-cheek stereotyping.
‘The Wrong Ladder’ will be familiar to anyone who has run their own business while they are, at the same time, being run ragged by their own family.
The idea for ‘Custard and Disinfectant’ was inspired by some of the characters Jim met doing voluntary work in a retirement home.
The performance of this play by Carbost Community Drama came overall second at the Skye Division One Act Drama.
More information
You can find out more on Jim's website or on Facebook and Twitter.
One-Act Plays
The Cabbage ConsortiumThe Frinton FryerA Second Chance
The Clever Clogs GangThe Melting SandsSomething for the Weekend
Custard and DisinfectantThe Pagan PriestsWhere's Nigel
The Exit PollThe Politics Of BendyThe Wrong Ladder
Ferndale's FollyThe Quantum Mechanics 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 Losing Purpose 
Theatrical Paraphernalia
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Where's Nigel? - Poster TemplateA Second Chance - Poster TemplateThe Frinton Fryer - Poster Template
The Politics of Bendy - Poster TemplateThe Exit Poll - Poster TemplateFerndale's Folly - Poster Template
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Losing Purpose - Poster TemplateSomething for the Weekend - Poster TemplateThe Quantum Mechanics - Poster Template

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