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Johnny Grim
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One-Act Plays

Bio - John Grimshaw - aka Johnny Grim is a Perth Western Australian based playwright. With thirty plays in his top drawer, his long-held ambition is that one of his works may one day grace the stage of Perth's 'His Majesty's Theatre.' This preferably whilst he’s still alive to savor the moment. Comedy is Johnny’s preferred medium holding a firm view that laughter is the only sure-fire way to carry one through the daily swamp of fermenting media tales. Johnny confesses he has no idea where the ideas for his plays come from, but remains convinced he merely channels words for dead people, and of course, who are they to argue?
Footnote. Johnny would like to thank Lazy Bee for listing his plays and theatre groups who may consider staging his works.
Full-Length Plays
Bannockburn - The Almost True StoryBargain BurialsTainted Love
One-Act Plays
CheckoutJumpProfound Moments
Does My Bum Look Big In This?The Last WaltzScrabble, Stamps and Goldfish
Droolin' BanjosMen of HarlechStairway to Heaven
An Eye for an EyeNo Strings AttachedThick and Thin
Jilted Lovers HelplinePretty FlamingoTissues and Wine

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