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Jos Biggs
Working in the Following Genres:
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
The Story So Far
Jos Biggs’s way with the written word came to light purely by happenstance. After a working life spent a million metaphorical miles away from anything literary, she and her husband Pete retired from the South West of England to the Almerían province of Andalucia, in the South East of Spain.
Never having been retired before she worried that she ‘might get bored’ and so, when she noticed that a local English language newspaper was offering a princely 10€ for a short anecdote, she wrote her first edit, ‘The Pancakes of Mercadona’, and submitted the copy by hand.
An instant job offer was the result, and having given retirement a try for all of 3 months, Jos accepted.
And Then
Having taken to writing like a duck to water, she feels that it is a shame that this particular duck took so long to find the water! Now, ten years later she is still submitting her own weekly edit to the newspaper in the form of a light-hearted look at life.
These proved very popular, leading to commissions from other publications, and repeated successes in a series of Micro Story competitions.
Broader Horizons
She joined the local Amateur Dramatic Group, so comedy sketch writing was a natural next step. These were enthusiastically received locally, and by request she wrote a Murder/Mystery, a task which gave her little grey cells more of a workout than they had had for many a year!
Her works so far are written for small casts of adults, and need minimal stage props - though A Nice Cup of Tea does need a working kettle and a long ladder! On the other hand, The Hadleigh Hall Inheritance doesn’t need a real dog.
Onward and Upward
Work in progress includes a collection of short stories with unexpected endings, which she hopes will one day be on offer to the public under her name, as well as more sketches, and maybe, a full length comedy?
One-Act Plays
The DirectorA Nice Cup of Tea 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
The CoatHouse RulesA Nice Cup of Tea
The DealKnight in Shining ArmourYes Dear
Have You Any Bread?The Lipstick 
Murder Mysteries
 The Hadleigh Hall Inheritance 

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