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Robert Scott is an award winning British playwright. His scripts range from dark tragedies to light comedies and have currently been performed in 38 countries to countless positive reviews from audiences and critics. His musical abilities have received praise from established professionals such as Wang-Chung founder and former Sony producer Nick Feldman and Ivor Novello award winner David Matthews.

Robert set up his own production team in 2006 with the specific task of workshopping and performing his scripts. Later that year, Robert staged a short sketch show and a musical which promptly brought him to the attention of a west-end producer. The following year, he produced his first full length musical at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London (Home to Phantom of the Opera) receiving outstanding reviews.

Robert has written a variety of full-length, one act plays and comedy sketches published by Lazy Bee Scripts. Robert’s plays receive hundreds of performances a year all over the world. Popular productions include All By Myself, Some People, According To Rumour, Checkmate, 12Hr Life, The Angry Doctor A Spy With A View and A Charming Affair.
Adrian - The Alternative Pantomime (Clean Version)Adrian - The Alternative Pantomime (Naughty Version) 
Full-Length Plays
Above and BeyondA Butler Did It!Sex And Curry
According To RumourClownsSome People
According To ScheduleDeath's Desire 
The Amateur KillerThe House Amongst The Willows 
One-Act Plays
12hr LifeThe Babbling Brookes: Rags to RichieLearning to Like You
The Act Of LivingBride Before A FallNickers
All By MyselfBrokenPlan B
All By ThemselvesCharlie to the Checkout PleaseRambles On Radio
Anger ManagementCheckmateThe Ripple Effect
The AtticClosureScarlett
The Babbling Brookes: Ed And BreakfastDaddy's DayThe Second Floor
The Babbling Brookes: Keep Calm and Kerry-AnnJim JamA Spy With A View
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Across The UniverseBlatant DisruptionsFor The Love Of Art
The Angry DoctorChances In The RainJoan: The Movie
Annie's LoveA Charming AffairJust Good Friends
Audition AnxietyDeja Deja VuSymphony Dreadful
BanterA Fairy Trial 
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