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Martin R. Collin
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One-Act Plays

Martin R. Collin is the former English Department Chairman and Theatre Director at Saint James School, in Hagerstown, Maryland. He taught at Saint James for over 25 years (and before that at The Kildonan School, in Amenia, New York and before that at the University of Maryland-College Park) and has directed over 120 plays. He is currently teaching mandolin and guitar at The Front Porch, a roots and folk music school, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Published Plays
Reindeer Games-A Christmas Panto for Young and Olde!, a full-length, large cast, made for stage holiday extravaganza (Leicester Bay Theatricals). I Love You When It's Raining, Roy G. Biv, a large cast, nostalgic one-act drama about an inspirational teacher (Lazy Bee Scripts). Delia Dancer, Doughnut Girl, a full-length, large cast, made for stage, audience participation radio melodrama-comedy (Heuer Publishing). The Mistake is a fast-paced madcap, one act comedy, a private conversation, and a humorous biting look at best friends (Green Room Press/Heuer Publishing). The Man in Seat 24 or (The Uninvited Guest), a full-length, two act murder mystery where an irate, rude, and combative theatre patron (in your audience!) hijacks the cast, the crew, and his fellow theatre-goers and winds up stone-cold dead at center stage (Brooklyn Publishers).
More Published Plays
You Don’t Have to Feed A Cello, a 45-minute, large cast, one-act comedy, is a young man’s worst nightmare, his own personal life, mistakes and failures, brought hilariously to the stage in embarrassing moments orchestrated and revealed by a Greek chorus of six nagging mothers in his head (Heuer Publishing/Brooklyn Publishers). Nose as Long as a Telephone Wire, a large cast one act comedy, has a wonderful collection of colorful, wild, and magical characters who create the otherworldly lies and truths in this humorous tale of deception, revelation, duplicity, and shenanigans (Brooklyn Publishers).
One-Act Plays
 I Love You When It's Raining, Roy G Biv 

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