Lazy Bee Scripts

Richard Hills
Working in the Following Genres:
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays

Richard joined his local Operatic and Dramatic Society at the age of twenty. In over sixty years in the Society, he directed thirteen plays and acted in one hundred and forty pantomimes, musicals and plays.

Richard eventually started writing, and now has a number of one act plays published with Lazy Bee Scripts. He appears on Doolee's list of Professional Playwrights.

The author's plays have been performed in in England, Wales, France, Spain, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Alaska.
Full-Length Plays (by Louisa May Alcott ad. Richard Hills)
 Little Women [Full Length Play] 
Full-Length Plays (by Richard Hills)
 Jane Eyre 
One-Act Plays
Albert and His WomenDawn Of A New DayThe Three Bells Inn
Albert and More WomenDo You Come Here OftenWhatever Happened To Old Miss Weere
Aunt Matilda Comes For Christmas DinnerThe Ghost Of Sandy O'Grady 

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