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Peter John Cooper in rehearsal
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Peter John Cooper is an acclaimed British playwright, poet and theatre director. His work is where poetry collides with playwriting. His plays are poetic and often funny, exhibiting verbal dexterity and colourful wordplay in their dialogue while being entirely dramatic in theme and content. Over forty years he has written for companies throughout the UK and has specialised in writing for small casts and unusual venues. He has received a number of Arts Council writing awards. Whilst much of his work has been written with the limitations of small-scale touring in mind, over the past years he has been trying to revive the idea of the 'well-made play'.
His book about the background of his play 'She Opened the Door' concerning Thomas Hardy’s first wife Emma has recently been published by Roving Press.
Some quotes about his work -
‘A play that is almost certain to become a theatrical treasure in the future.’ (Dorset Echo)
‘A genuine masterstroke of theatre’ (Oxford Mail)
Full-Length Plays (by Thomas Hardy (adapted Peter John Cooper))
 The Trumpet Major 
Full-Length Plays (by Peter John Cooper)
A Brief Encounter with MurderMrs Adapta Iago's Knitting Circle 
He's DeadSherlock Holmes and The Case of the Vanishing Author 
One-Act Plays
 A Brief Encounter with Murder 
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