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Chris Shinn
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The writer
Chris wrote his first pantomime Puss in Boots in 1989 and it was performed by his local group Waterbeach Community Players (now rebranded as Waterbeach Theatre Company) the following year. 'I think they were desperate to have more than two pages of A4 submitted as a panto' says Chris 'so I was determined to make mine as complete as possible.' Since then he has written several others, mainly in collaboration with his partner Julie Petrucci, all of which have been performed by the group. He has played the Dame over twenty times and only lost once (on penalties).
The actor
Chris started acting at the age of twenty four playing an eighty year old butler! In the Forty years since he has played a variety of roles with various local amateur groups, some of which have been approximately his own age.
Behind the scenes
As well as acting, Chris has carried out a variety of jobs backstage, from stage manager to set builder, scenic artist and prompt. He is now into directing and has recently finished directing his sixth play for Waterbeach Theatre Company. He is also now in his second stint as Chair of the group, during which he has overseen a rule change which means they can't get rid of him so easily this time!
Spare time
Chris took early retirement in 2011 and since then uses his acting talents as a simulated patient helping medical students with their communication skills. He also likes to spend his spare time following sport, reading and going to the theatre.
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves [Version 2]Mother Goose [Version 3]Sleeping Beauty [Version 5]
Dick Whittington [Version 10]Puss in Boots [Version 7] 
Jack and the Beanstalk [Version 8]Robinson Crusoe And The Pirate Treasure 

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