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John Peel
The author with the director and cast of the acclaimed production of WI Blues at the Duchess Theatre Long Eaton.
The cast of the Burton Players' 2019 production of Up, Up and Away.
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My friends are bemused that I write plays. And any conversation on the subject rarely gets beyond 'and where do you get your ideas from John?' I find explanations don't slip easily off the tongue. But here goes...
A few months ago I was at a concert in Morecambe by the famous old band 'The Searchers' and thought there had to be a story how and why bands such as these kept going - playing the same old songs year in, year out, night after night. And what are the dynamics of the relationships and aspirations within a group of diverse musicians. This led to 'Rock'n'Roll Sunset' now in the process of being published.

Moving house offers rich pickings for comedy and drama. When we moved house a couple of years ago information on the energy rating, planning issues and all the rest of the legal stuff was in plentiful supply. But there was absolutely nothing about our new neighbours. The ones we met weren't as described in the comedy 'Meet the Neighbours' but there was plenty of scope for fanciful imagination. And house moves are rarely completed without some drama. So there was plenty of material, actual or imagined, for the story in 'Right Move'.
A recent foreign vacation prompted a peek at how two couples thrown together would fare. And things don't always turn out as expected as in 'Sunshine on My Shoulder'.
I find it fascinating that people's memories of past events aren't always the same - particularly when they originate from opposite genders. The problem is how to illustrate this. By using a celestial viewpoint 'Up, Up, and Away' takes a bird's eye view - so to speak.

We were guests at a church wedding and the bride and groom solemnly swore (in the nicest sense of the word) to do all the things you are contracted to do when you are joined in holy matrimony. Statistically, and both incumbents would have been aware of this, there was little chance things would have worked out as planned. 'A Very Modern Wedding' takes a light-hearted satirical reworking of the marriage ceremony.
Other plays are not kick started by ideas. A group I wrote for had at the time no male actors. So the 'W I Blues' catered for this and the story of five Women's Institute members has become popular and surprisingly performed not only here in the UK but in USA and Australia.

Finally, I entered a play in a competition. It didn't win. It didn't even get the feedback as promised. The subject matter was that the appreciation of competition entries for one act plays was purely subjective. Rather than the so called experts on the judging panel in 'The Play of the Year' the janitor and tea lady appear to be the only ones who have any sensible critical opinions. This must have upset the judges - or maybe I'm just a bad loser.
Full-Length Plays
Don't Bury The BanjoRich Man Poor ManSunshine on my Shoulder
It's Business As UsualRight MoveUp, Up and Away
Joe Briggs-WidowerRock 'n' Roll SunsetThe W.I. Blues
NatterjackStarting All Over 
One-Act Plays
Black CombeMeet The NeighboursTwo For The Price Of One
Going, Going, GoneThe Merry England BluesA Very Modern Wedding
Love HurtsThe Play Of The Year 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
I've honestly no idea what this is about.
You can't please all of the actors all of the time.

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