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Pete Benson
One of the weirdest plays I wrote.
Don’t worry, my plays are more attractive than I am.
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Who am I?
I am an experienced performer, playwright, theatre director and teacher. I‘ve worked in the film medium as writer, actor, director and technician, and was the nasty half of the clowning duo, Custard and Mr. Nasty. As a writer I’ve created pantomimes, musicals, comedies and dramas - from 'Wood', a black comedy about a man who shares a flat with a philosophical wood louse to 'Crossing the Line', a brutal drama for young people. My theatre company, worked closely with the Prince's Trust touring drugs awareness theatre programmes. The first feature film I wrote and directed, 'The Scar Crow' (2009), won the London Independent Film Festival award for best SciFi/Horror film. This was followed by 'Kill Keith', Keith Chegwin being the ‘Keith’ of the title. This divided critics between, ‘The worst film ever made’ to ‘The best British film since Shaun of the Dead’.

What do I believe?
WHAT IS DRAMA? Quantum mechanics is about the glue that holds the physical universe together, drama is about the glue that holds the social universe together. Drama is not just acting, acting is just one very important tool in drama tool box. The essence of drama is the development of imagination, the ability to look at the same thing in different ways, and the skill to communicate and analyse ideas. Drama is philosophy, psychology and sociology. It's also a bit of biology, maths, literature ..... you get the idea. Those of us involved in the discipline know how powerful a tool it is. It is fundamentally related to how we interact with the people around us. It is about how human beings exist with their fellow humans. Drama is not about finding the right answers, it is about finding good questions. Oh, and it's fun, did I mention that?
I believe in the philosophy of the performer as creator and the pursuit of imagination.
Why do I do this stuff?
"Drama taught me the best lessons at school, it set me free. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times for that"
Full-Length Plays
SoldjerTowser's Table 
One-Act Plays
Crossing The LineSoldjerWood
My second movie script divided the critics

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