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About Stephen Scheurer-Smith
Cambridge born Stephen is a professional actor, roleplayer and playwright. He has been writing and directing plays since 1985 with many published under his non-professional name Stephen Smith before he joined Equity in 2009. In 2010 he formed Big Squirrel Productions to present his plays with the most recent ALANA performed at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. To date he has produced 23 plays with 14 so far published. He is currently directing new plays by his daughter Kattreya which will be touring the UK during 2017/18 before a run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.
Births, Deaths and Marriages is the collective title of three self-contained one-act plays ARRIVAL, ONCOLOGY and ANNIVERSARY that cover the major events in one family over two years. ARRIVAL is a thriller drama where husband and wife Kevin & Anne receive a late night visit from a menacing young police officer. ONCOLOGY is a thought provoking comedy drama and tribute to the playwrights`s mother inspired by their visits to a hospital`s Oncology Clinic. It concerns Kevin`s mother and sister. ANNIVERSARY is a comedy drama and drama festival award winner, where Kevin tries to recreate his wedding reception but is gatecrashed by his brother.
EIGHT SECONDS and BARBECUE are two self contained one-act plays linked by one character Lydia and were performed under the collective title FAST FOOD & SMALL TALK. Eight Seconds is a comedy about communication skills where Lydia, a doctor, tries to teach old fashioned locum Gordon the dangers of interrupting a patient after eight seconds and jumping to the wrong conclusions. BARBECUE is a comedy, and drama festival award winner, set a week later when Lydia and her husband host a house warming to meet their rather odd neighbours with hilarious results.
PSYCHIC BABBLE and ONE MISTAKE are two self contained one-act plays that are linked by the same set and were performed under the collective title BAR TALK. They both take place in the bar of a small country hotel however PSYCHIC BABBLE is a comedy set in the afternoon when the bar is closed and therefore if performed on it`s own does not need a bar. Jim, a self proclaimed psychic, tries to impress his girlfriend that he can predict the answers to the evening quiz but everything does not go as planned. ONE MISTAKE is a thriller and drama festival award winning play, set late at night where barman Alan and nightclub singer Clare go through a roller coaster of emotions as dark secrets are revealed.
Full-Length Plays
 Births, Deaths and Marriages 
One-Act Plays
AnniversaryEight SecondsPsychic Babble
BarbecueOne Mistake 

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