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Aviva Philipp-Muller
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Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Aviva's Performance Bio
Aviva is a Toronto based playwright, director, performer, and lover of all things theatrical. She has been extremely active in the Toronto theater scene for several years now. As a performer, Aviva was most recently in Passion Play, which Toronto Star called "The Indie theater event of the summer". This summer Aviva also performed in the Toronto Festival of Clowns, winning the Mark Purvis award for her performance. In 2012, she had her first international performance, bringing Dreamcatchers, a show she also helped direct, write, and produce, to the world stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2011, Aviva performed in the premiere of Michael Ondaatje's Divisadero, working closely as a cast with Ondaatje to perfect the adaptation from novel to the stage.
Aviva's Directing and Writing BIo
Not only a performer, Aviva has been actively creating theater from the first seeds of inspiration as a director and playwright. In March 2013, Aviva directed The Passion of Dracula with TCDS theater company, which was nominated for 8 awards at the UofT Drama Coalition Awards Show, including best director and best production. In 2012, Aviva directed her own play, Instructions for Use at the Paprika festival, a Toronto festival for emerging artists. That year, Aviva also wrote A Ladylike Murder, a musical, which was performed and awarded the Best New Play award at the UofT Drama Coalition Awards. In 2010, Aviva had her playwriting debut at the Sears Ontario Drama Festival, where her play, 18 De Rien Ave. advanced to the regional level of competition, receiving the Best New Play Award, and a nomination for the prestigious B.J. Castleman New Play award.
Praise for For The Greater Good
For The Greater Good has been performed internationally, winning awards everywhere it's been. The play had its premiere at the Paprika Festival, where Aviva directed the play herself in 2011. Later that year, the play won first place for Dramatic Excerpt at the Pierre Berton awards for Earl Haig. In 2013, For The Greater Good was performed with Sky Blue Theater Company, where it won the Cambridge Theater Challenge. That same year it also won honourable mention for The Arts and Letters Club New Playwright's Award, where it was later performed.
Aviva's Career and Personal Life
Aviva was born in Boston, but was raised in Toronto, Canada, and other than a year in Switzerland, it's where she's lived all her life. Aviva loves dancing, skiing, writing songs, traveling, and most importantly, improvising. Every few weeks you can find her performing improvised comedy at bars across Toronto. Aviva loves living an active, healthy lifestyle, and has started writing as a columnist for Online Gym. Aviva has been known to occasionally get politically involved, sitting on the Board of Student Representatives for the University College Drama Program, sitting as the vice-president of the UofT improv club, sitting as the founding president of Earl Haig Drama Council, and occasionally sitting on stools and benches. Aviva loves to laugh and loves to think, and she hopes she can make others do the same.
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 For The Greater Good 

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