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Tony Domaille
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Collections of Scripts
Sketches and Short Plays
Time Travel Agent was a 2018 Winner in the International Pint Sized Plays competition
Pet Rescue was shortlisted in the 2018 International Pint Sized Plays competition
The Gods, Rick Risk P.I, Plastered, Contract Killer and Where Babies Come from are all popular with audiences.

Comedy One Acts and Full Length
‘Give Us A Sign’ - a full length comedy in which out of work Ken decides to make some money as a clairvoyant. What could go wrong? The play has been critically acclaimed as being light and funny with parts that are really worth playing.

'Every Pantomime That Ever There Was' has been performed by groups in the UK and as far afield as Australia and USA and is a popular piece with all kinds of audiences. It is also a Lazy Bees best seller! 'This Riotously funny and highly inventive play provides mayhem and madness for cast and audience alike... Oh Yes It Does!!!!!' (Mitchell Arts Centre Stoke on Trent.)

'The Importance of Peaches' is all about a struggling AmDram group 'Great fun, very entertaining. Good twist in the tail, kept guessing to the end.' (Harry Whitehouse Players.)

'Micky Marvello,' Circus Fantastique's accident prone magician seems to have actually disappeared.

Youth Theatre
'I Believe in Angels' - an award winning play about a group of teenagers dealing with grief over the loss of their friend and unsure of what they can or cannot believe. The play is ideal for youth drama groups and schools. (One Act Festival winner, Bristol, 1994)

'Sleepover Secrets' - an award winning play about a group of teenage girls who have a sleepover and find themselves sharing their most closely guarded secrets. But is one of those secrets just too incredible? With an all girl cast, the play is ideal for youth drama groups and schools. (Intermediate section trophy winner, Scottish Community Drama Association (Highlands) 2018)
The Changes Trilogy
'A Single Moment' - Danny's gambling has ruined him,, but salvation is offered and found from surprising sources.
* Runner up in the best original script category of the Avon One Act Play Festival 2015 with best supporting actress award.
* Runner-up in the national Geoffrey Whitworth new scripts competition 2015.
* Commended in the national George Taylor Memorial Award 2014/15, run by the National Drama
Festivals Association

‘Me & You' - Phil and his friends have bungled a robbery and run to the Me & You Café.
* Winner of the Avon Short Play Festival Competition 2020, also winning best director, best actor, best actress and best supporting actor and being nominated for the technical ward and costume award.

‘Headlines’ (only available with the other plays in the trilogy). A reporter is cynical about a clairvoyant’s abilities.

'The writing is poignant and truthful, revealing highly believable characters with warmth and wry humour.'
 Every Pantomime That Ever There Was 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
I Believe In AngelsSleepover Secrets 
Full-Length Plays
 Give Us A Sign 
One-Act Plays
The Importance Of PeachesMicky Marvello 
Me And YouA Single Moment 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Contract KillerPlasteredWhere Babies Come From
The GodsRick Risk P.I. 
Pet RescueTime Travel Agent 
Collections of Scripts
 Changes Trilogy 

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