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David Weir
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Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays

David Weir's plays have been performed in London, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Brighton, Arundel, Windsor, the Isle of Wight and Perth, Australia.

The Normandy Conquests won the Constance Cox Award for best play from Sussex Playwrights in 2015.

No Occasion To was a Kenneth Branagh Award winner in 2011 and won the Joy Goun Award for best play at the Arundel Festival that year, too.

David Weir's productions include the four-star reviewed Confessional in the world-famous Play, Pie and Pint season at Glasgow's Oran Mor, starring Jonathan Watson of TV's Only an Excuse and many more, Sally Reid of Rhinoceros, Edinburgh International Festival 2017, and Cameron Fulton. The Scotsman said Weir’s combination of witty dramatic structure and excellent one-liners offers a fine piece of entertainment, short, brisk, kindly, funny and humane.

Better Together, a full-length play about a family divided by the Scottish Independence referendum, was a three-week sell-out at the Brockley Jack Theatre in south London, and won the Write Now Festival prize there in 2016. Another four-starred set of reviews praised it as the best naturalism currently on the fringe and a carefully observed and sensitive portrayal of a contemporary family. The Stage called it a heartfelt exploration of Scottish disillusion boosted by strong familial chemistry.

The Way to a Man's Heart, a two-handed dark comedy about a couple splitting their possessions after a break-up, available on Lazy Bee, was written for the London Short Play Festival, and has since been performed in Havant and Richmond in the UK, and in British Columbia, Canada, and Seoul, South Korea.
Full-Length Plays (by David Weir)
 The Normandy Conquests 
Full-Length Plays (by Rachael Jolley and David Weir)
 Murdering the Truth 
One-Act Plays
No Occasion ToThe Way To A Man's Heart 

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