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Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Andrew Beattie
Andrew Beattie's stage plays for children and young people have been performed by schools and youth theatre groups in the UK, the United States and Australia. His two one-act plays published by Lazy Bee are "Arthur, Boy-King of Britain" and "Brief Lives".

More information about the author and his plays can be found on his website, accessed by searching online for the author's name plus the title of the play.

Arthur, Boy-King of Britain
This is a staging of the legendary story of the boy Arthur, the magician Merlin, and the Sword in the Stone. This play has an all male cast and has been performed at boys' schools in London, Oxford and Australia.

"A classic coming-of-age story about one of the nation’s favourite heroes, incorporating the tale of the Sword in the Stone and Arthur’s discovery of his right to the throne. There are three particularly strong roles for Arthur, his brother Kay and the magician Merlin." - Teaching Drama magazine, September 2017.
Brief Lives
This play is very different, a black comedy for a cast of four, which is set in a bleak seaside town, and which opens when a schoolboy named Alex finds the dead body of his elderly music teacher, who has died alone in her filthy home.

The play won the Scottish Community Drama Association's Award for new writing for Youth Theatre in 2002 and was later performed at the East 15 Acting School in Essex in a production directed by the actress, Alison Steadman.

"A dark comedy...Alex elicits the help of his friend Paul and the humour lies in both the latter’s responses to the situation and their encounters with homeless lost soul Dodge at the sea front. While amusing...the play is also heart-warming, presenting Alex in a touching light as his care and concern for his erstwhile teacher becomes increasingly evident." - Teaching Drama magazine, September 2017.
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Arthur, Boy-King Of BritainBrief Lives 

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