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Pete Barrett
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Full-Length Plays

Pete has been writing plays for many years with many professional and amateur productions under his belt. He also writes children’s books which include the Tich and Detective Dan Series. He writes both serious and comic plays. He has recently published a series of parodies on Kindle Deadpan 7 Funny One Act Plays. In recent competitions I am the Walrus won the Paul Darby competition at the Questor’s Theatre in Ealing and will have a week’s run in the autumn 2014. Revenge of the Mutant Cockle was runner up in the All-England Play Competition in 2012. Sense and Sensibleness won the Supernova prize at the Bench Theatre in 2013 and was produced as part of the London Horror Festival. Dawn of the Deaf was runner up for the Ronald Duncan Prize at the Certainty of Chance Theatre Company. Shark. What Shark.was selected by the Real Deal Theatre for the Popcorn Saturday Series.
Plays produced professionally at the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich include broad comedies like The Complete Corruption of Carrington and The Revenge of the Mutant Cockle, satirical pieces like Guilty (a woman is tried for her failures as a mother, a wife and a female) and Jackals (A middle class family home is surrounded and seemingly menaced by the unemployed) and serious pieces Day-Dreaming on the Motorway. His play The Dying of the Light was a full length production at the Wolsey Studio.
Children's Books
Two of his children’s books have been published. Tich Dragonslayer and Tich Vampire Hunter are about a boy called Tich. His life is miserable - he’s too small for the football team, his gang is the worst gang in the school, his parents have split up and he hates his stepfather. But things liven up when his father gives him a game which allows him to step through any picture into the world beyond. Here he encounters dragons, vampires and Robin Hood. Tich Outlaw, Tich Saves The World From The Jellies and Tich Argonaut will be published in the Autumn. Another series of books about Detective Dan and Bozo the Dog have been published on Kindle and will be published in fully illustrated versions in due course.
Short Stories
Pete writes short stories for the Interact Reading Service which sends professional actors into hospitals to read to groups of stroke patients. This service employs 100 actors working in London hospitals and is currently being rolled out countrywide. He has so far written 36 short stories for the service. Out Loud 36 Twisted Tales is now available for the Kindle on Amazon.
Full-Length Plays
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