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Philippa has been a keen participant in amateur dramatics for more years than she cares to remember. She began writing when living overseas in places with a scarcity of 'off the shelf'scripts and before the convenience of anything being available online. Since then she has written or adapted a great many scripts for schools, radio and amateur dramatic groups worldwide.

Apart from several years associated with a thriving drama group in Cambridgeshire,UK, Philippa has spent much of her time writing and directing productions with limited resources and facilities in far flung regions of the world. For that reason, her plays are easily adaptable to 'challenging' stages or performance areas.

Philippa is a strong advocate of youth theatre and most of her scripts are suitable for performance by large casts which can incorporate young people but provide entertainment for all age groups across the generations.

Philippa now lives on a small Greek island, where she founded the GITs (Greek Island Thespians)- initially made up of 'foreigners' living on the island but now with an increasing number of very enthusiastic Greek participants. Their annual pantomime has quickly become an island institution - written by Philippa, in verse, the scripts include a miminal amount of Greek and plenty of local references. Necessarily visual, to compensate for language differences, these productions are a combination of traditional panto fairy tales and Greek myths - hence 'Pantomyths'. The first of these 'Robin Hood and the King's Gold' tells the story of when the Gods sent Robin and his merry men to ancient Greece to sort out the greedy King Midas - and is available here on LazyBee.
The Emperor's New ClothesRobin Hood and the King's Gold 
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 Maid in China 
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'Maid in China' - Henry Hopper, Muriel Shovelit-North and Colonel Terry Cotter

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