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Geoff Rose-Michael
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One-Act Plays

Cold Blooded Killer - Winner - New Writing Award at the Leatherhead Drama Festival 2013,
When grieving widower Jack disturbs Becky, an intruder, he is shocked by how much she resembles his wife, who is presumed dead, in a shark attack recently. Jack persuades Becky to impersonate his wife, to inherit her mother’s fortune. But can they trust each other?

A Dangerous Game - nominated - New Writing Award at Leatherhead Drama Festival 2015.
Ellie and her partner Fi have an ongoing dilemma, but one of them is prepared to play a dangerous game that could have serious consequences should the truth come out....

Innocent Witness – Julia pops into her local convenience store where, within moments, she finds herself a witness to an armed robbery. Unknown to the robber, she records his voice on her mobile phone, but is unable to wait for the police to give her witness statement. Then she has a visit from the robber at her home, wanting to silence her.

Dead True - The only suspect in a murder case, Jan Solomon's trial was thrown out for lack of evidence two years ago, amid uproar in the press. Now Jan has invited a lone writer, Kim, to her remote cottage to write a book, revealing the truth behind what happened, and the name of the person she was covering up for. But Kim is subjected to a terrifying ordeal at Jan's cottage.

When You're Dead - Zoe gets the chance to work abroad on a lucrative two-year deal, but once deployed, Zoe discovers what the job is really about and stumbles upon some terrifying information about her two predecessors that has been covered up.

The Victim - Dr Matt Beckett’s last client of the day is late for her first counselling appointment. When she does arrive, she is on crutches, and events take a sinister turn when her attempt to persuade Matt to help her commit a crime is refused.

Singled Out - nominated - New Writing Award at the Leatherhead Drama Festival 2014, and winner of best actress (Jo.)
When SODA, the Singles Online Dating Agency arranges a social night for some of its members, the first two girls to arrive soon discover something in common and that they have been lured there by person or persons unknown, and then locked in.
One-Act Plays
Cold Blooded KillerInnocent WitnessWhen You're Dead
A Dangerous GameSingled Out 
Dead TrueThe Victim 

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