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One-Act Plays
When Darkness Falls 'A comedy with a moral for modern day society.'
When Darkness Falls is an award winning script. It made Sam the 'international most promising playwright' from Trinity College London. The script itself is full of comedy however contains a message for modern day audiences. The show is edgy and out there, touching on dark themes, however Sam's comedic style of writing makes it an enjoyable night out at the theatre.

As seen in the pictures below, the students from Arts Ed in London read the play as part of a private reading session from Trinity College London and were full of praise for the script, comparing it to classic works of literature and saying that Sam had brought it forward for a new generation.

Other playwrights have also commented on how touching, witty and bittersweet the script is saying how true and strong the voice of the script is written by Sam.

When Darkness Falls is a touching, hilarious, witty and bittersweet script that would be a perfect show for your theatre group!
One-Act Plays
 When Darkness Falls 
The reading of 'When Darkness Falls' by the students of Arts Ed.

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