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C Henchley
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Religious or Moral Plays

Winner of the prestigious €1000 international Albedo 1 Aeon Award for Science Fiction, 2008, C Henchley has won and been shortlisted for many awards for plays, literature and poetry. His stories tend to be strong on cause and effect whilst weaving in observations on morality, human frailty and manipulation.

'Sin' was one of ten five-minute plays picked from many entries to be performed by professionals at Nottingham Playhouse Momentum Scratch Night. Then chosen by the audience to be expanded into a ten-minute version and performed the following week.

Competition comments from professional playwrights on C. Henchley’s work.
• Marvin Close - 'It’s an original concept, but also one that gives us that hard-to-achieve dramatic conclusion. The piece also contains some very funny and original lines'
• BBC – 'Extremely impressed with your submission'

Competition comments from professional authors on C. Henchley’s work.
• Michelle Spring - 'The piece stays vividly in period and rings so true in tone … An amusing and confident piece of work'
• Iain Patterson (NAWG competition) - 'A thrilling naval story packed with menace and dread … As the terror and regret builds, the raw, animal emotion leaps from the page. … unique in voice, tone, setting and period.'
• Iain Patterson (Writers' Bureau competition) – 'You are a very original and entertaining writer. In fact, I keep mentioning The Last Voyage when I give talks as a classic illustration of what a judge looks for in a perfect competition story'
• Ian Watson - 'Well, the winner has to be 'Twinkle, Twinkle' because it's so incredibly powerful and vividly written…. Okay, it's vampire-horror rather than SF, but the best must prevail!'
Religious or Moral Plays

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