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One-Act Plays
I began writing when I was 21. During my twenties I wrote three novels. At the age of 29 I joined a writers circle, but it wasn’t very positive, and so I left it. My play Writes and Wrongs is based on that experience. After that I joined an amateur theatre, to which I still belong, and turned towards writing plays. I had two one act plays performed. A monologue, I Am Not A Lonely Man, and a comedy called The Extraordinary Committee Meeting. I also wrote another novel in my thirties as well as some plays. I am now in my fifties and after a barren period of writing, during which I spent some of that time studying for an Open University degree in Literature I have returned to writing.
Writes and Wrongs
Writes and Wrongs is a comedy drama which takes place in one evening at a writers circle. The characters are based on the people I met in the circle. Pauline is strongly based upon the woman who ran it, and then there was a woman who was ghost writer and used to read her novel about the members of a tennis club. The play suggests the idea that through writing we can begin to understand ourselves and those around us. David says that when he was writing his play he felt sympathy for his mother. Robert says he can’t find anything to write about, but in one speech he talks about his life, and doesn’t recognise it as the story he should write. There is humour and pathos in this play. I am thankful to Lazy Bees for publishing it. they have described it as a great play. It has been performed and received a good audience response.

As far as music is concerned - the performances it has received opened with Paperback Writer - The Beatles. This is just a suggestion.
One-Act Plays
 Writes And Wrongs 

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